Cartography of Forced Disappearance in Colombia

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An (always) incomplete account of what has been made invisible.

A collective work coordinated by Fidel Mingorance and Erik Arellana Bautista

Cartography of Forced Disappearance in Colombia

ISBN: 978-84-120292-8-4

March 2020

Cover page: Emanuel Gimeno based on the work of Fernando Arias.

Editorial coordination: Paco Gómez Nadal

Design and layout: Emmanuel Gimeno (Creando Estudio)

Maps: Fidel Mingorance Cruz / Para mapa 34: Paula Vallar Gárate

Texts:  Juan Manuel Roca, Fidel Mingorance, Paco Gómez Nadal, Adriana Arboleda, Erik Arellana Bautista, Jesús Alfonso Flórez L., Yenny Ortiz Heredia, Isabel Zuleta, Lee Douglas.

Translation: Alejandro M. Díez Alonso y Noreen Lam

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If there is a crime against humanity, thought and perpetrated for the purpose of obliterating any evidence of it, it is the crime of forced disappearance. It is also a tool that generates a pain and a stigma that is difficult to avoid in a society that looks anywhere but to the mass graves, rivers and paths where the remains of thousands of stolen lives lie.

Colombia boasts one of the most extensive lists of forcibly disappeared persons. This pending matter is a gaping wound that must be addressed if any peace and reconciliation process is to be undertaken and if guarantees of non-repetition are to be provided. has spent three years working tirelessly to document, map and shed light on this crime, its victims, its material and intellectual perpetrators, as well as all its complex variations.


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